Be Bound for Glory

For your Tour in 2018, why not travel in style & slash travel times with our range of Tour-by-Train. Edinburgh, Newcastle, York & London have never been so accessible.

Be Bound for Glory

In an exciting new partnership, Sky High Sports have teamed up with Virgin Trains East Coast in a move which extends the tour options available to our domestic clients in England & Scotland.

No longer are teams limited by the time it takes to get there on a coach & there will be no settling for second choice locations as the new partnership kicks into action in 2017.

Going forwards, teams in the South East can finish School or Work, jump over to Kings Cross & be in Newcastle or Edinburgh in time for Kick-Off at the big game.

Our access to the East Coast mainline runs between Edinburgh to London Kings Cross. The tours are available to people boarding at all Virgin Trains East Coast stations, including the Leeds to London route.

Our four major destinations on the East Coast mainline - Edinburgh, Newcastle, York & London have regularly been amongst our most successful & this exciting collaboration will open these cities up to new audiences, previously limited by travel times, traffic jams and coach-driver hours.

Standard & First Class Tickets are available & large groups can have exclusive access to a full carriage. What is more, tickets are available up to 12 months in advance, a significant extension on the three-month lead time available by booking directly.

In addition to the Tour-by-Train packages, we have lined up accommodation in each city which is short walking-distance from each Train Station. This removes the need for coach hire & keeps the tour packages affordable to all.

Sky High Sports are the Rugby Tour Specialists & take pride in constantly improving our excellent list of touring options both in the UK and across Europe.