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Nowhere in Europe is the game of Rugby growing as it is in Spain.

Rugby In Spain Is Hitting The Roof!

Nowhere in Europe is the game of Rugby growing as it is in Spain.

To many, Spain were shock qualifiers for the Rugby Sev- ens at the Rio Olympics in 2016, but to those who’ve followed the game saw it as a snapshot of things to come.

Ahead of Rugby World Cup 2019 in Japan, Spain dominated the European Qualifying stage. They beat the best of the rest in the continent and sat top of the group & looked forward to opening RWC2019 against the hosts in Tokyo. However, a hugely unfortunate player registration saw them docked points & magnanimously pushed below Russia who will now take that honour. 

Don't expect this to be the end though.

The National Women’s Team are ranked in the Top 10 countries in the World, higher than the traditional rugby countries of South Africa and Scotland. The men’s team are ranked #20.

Sky High Sports has worked alongside the Federación Española de Rugby (Spanish Rugby Federation) since 2013. Ahead of Rugby World Cup 2015, each provincial union in England was partnered with a European Rugby Country. Our home province was twinned with Spain & we were fortunate to be involved from the outset. This has enabled us to get the real inside line on Rugby in the country & the relationship peaked in 2018, when we hosted the National Women’s Team on their mid-Winter Training Camp in 2018.

Today In Spain, over 82,000 people play Rugby within 221 clubs. This is only 1,000 less than in Wales, 5,000 less than Italy & more than double of countries such as Tonga & Samoa who have a big reputation on the World Stage. The sport is most popular in and around Madrid & Barcelona, but strongholds are prevalent on the north coast near Bilbao, in the agricultural heartland of Castilla Y Leon and down in Andalucía.

The top league in the Men’s game is known as the División de Honor. Competed for by 12 teams based nationwide, the competition will match the standard of the semi-pro leagues in England and France. In 2017, 26,000 people watched VRAC beat El Salvador in Valladolid to lift the trophy.