Your Free Guide To Fundraising

Raising Tour Funds

Ahead of your 2020 rugby tour, there is a lot of work to be done to make sure you hit your fundraising targets. 

Although it may seem daunting, this is often the fun and rewarding part of the touring process.

After a bit of hard work, the entire squad will be able to enjoy the tour all that much more knowing the effort that has gone into the raising those all important tour funds. 

In this post we look at our favourite fundraising ideas that clubs from all over the rugby world have used to help them reach their fundraising goals. 

Free Place On Tour

Have a raffle - £5 per ticket. The winner gets a free place on tour or £200 cash. Get every tourist to sell at least X amount of tickets. Make it worthwhile!

Balloon Race

Sell balloon race cards to people before the event. On the day, attach all the race cards to balloons then release them. When people find the race cards over the next few days they post them back (they get £20 if they post back the winning ticket). Whoever's balloon travels the furthest distance in 2 weeks wins a prize. Get someone to donate a prize. Put the company's name on all the advertising for the event in return. Half the money goes to charity. Advertise in the local paper.

Run, Row Or Cycle

Run/Row/Cycle If you're touring Spain for example, get sponsored to run/row/cycle around Spain. Choose a journey with 3 stages then run one, row one and cycle one using a treadmill, rowing machine and an exercise bike. Pick a route that you can complete in under 24 hours. Everyone going on tour has to do half an hour/an hour each according to a rota. Borrow the exercise machines from the university or a local gym if they can advertise in return.

A Meat-Draw

Chances are, your Rugby Club goes through a lot of Meat. If they have a link to a butcher, then surely he will donate some hampers of meat for a raffle. He may even do this more than once. In the week leading up to the draw, make sure that at every training session, social event or match-day, everyone knows to put their pound in the pot. Make sure everyone knows where the meat came from – this way, the Butcher may well do it again!


Book all the pitches at the sports centre. Advertise the event around your club, university or school and in the local paper. Get a sponsor for the event to donate prize money and trophies. Charge an entry fee for all the teams. Have barbeque and sell burgers and beer cans.

A Calendar

Have pictures of all the lads in various poses with rugby balls covering our modesty. Sell advertising space on each page. Sell the calendar to friends and relatives back home, flat mates, course mates, girlfriends, etc. Donate some of the profits to charity so that people are more likely to buy it. Make a quid or two from each calendar.

Bag Packing

Stand at the end of the check out at a supermarket and help people pack their shopping bags. They then make a donation into the bucket if they wish. Give half the money to charity and wear our rugby kit as you do it.

Real Ale

The Real Ale revolution is sweeping the country. Why not contact a local micro-brewery and negotiate a price for a barrel. Then, sweet-talk your club steward into putting the proceeds of sales from this keg into the tour fund.

Cow Pat Challenge

Great for rural clubs. Ask your Groundsman to mark out the main pitch into two-metre square boxes, this should create up to 1250 squares. Sell tickets for each square. Then, at a Summer Party, and ideally if you have a farmer in your club, ask him to bring a cow to the pitch. The square which he chooses to do his business, wins. Simple