Top 6 Mini Rugby Destinations

Where Mini Rugby Teams Should Be Touring To In 2020!

The Mini Rugby Tour

A fantastic way to your team closer, escape comfort zones and enjoy time away with their best mates – The Mini Rugby Tour has been integral to a rugby players development since the very beginning.

For us, there is nothing more satisfying than sending one of our wonderful touring teams off on their very first sporting adventures.

For the players are at the very start of their touring careers, the experience will often form their earliest memories of rugby and travel alike.   

Designed specifically for the youngest players at your rugby club - we have produced the definitive list of destinations that have been hugely popular and successful with our touring sides in the past.

Each location is safe, secure and enjoyable for family-based groups whilst offering enough entertainment and things to do to keep the itinerary pleasantly full. 

You’ll recognise the cities as the most scenic and interesting in GB. From historic Edinburgh to opulent Bath & from charming York to the Harry-Pottered streets of Oxford, the cities are very much our country at its greatest.

The one-night nature of the tours ensure it is short and sharp, whilst the busy nature of the two days away makes it feel like a full weekend on tour.

Please take time to look at each destination in a little bit more depth!




6. Lake District

A fantastic rural retreat that can be tailored for active, yet affordable mini rugby tours. 



5. Cardiff

A sporting City like no other. Cardiff lives and breathes our great of rugby union. The compact nature of the City makes it an ideal venue for a Mini Rugby Tour in 2020. 



4. York

Historic, grand and extremely eyecatching, our Minis tours to the grand old city of York offer touring teams the opportunity to play at amazing host clubs and experience the fantastic historical sights.York offers a wide range of fun activities to keep your team entertained and out of mischief.



3. Cambrils (Barcelona)

Tried and Tested in 2019 by Macclesfield RUFC U12, Cambrils is the go-to destination if you want to chase the sun and take your Mini Rugby Team a little bit further afield. 



2. Bath 

A stunningly beautiful city with superb accommodation options, restaurants and non-Rugby activities which will top up a memorable visit. Take advantage of our partnership with Bath Rugby, where we can create unmatched experiences for players of all ages.



1. Edinburgh

Exceptional Edinburgh sits atop our list as the #1 Rugby Tour destination in the UK. The city is as exciting as it is beautiful, and offers rugby teams of all ages highlight after highlight!