Mackenzie at Premier 15s Launch

The Tyrells Premier 15s Launched on Monday with players from all 10 clubs visiting Tyrells Court Farm. 

Premier 15s Preview

Congratulations to our newest team member, Mackenzie Thomas who was recently appointed Club Captain at Premier 15s side Darlington Mowden Park Sharks.

On Monday, Mackenzie headed to Tyrells Court Farm for the launch of the new 2019/20 Women's season.

The upcoming season is set to be the most important to date for Mackenzie as last month the RFU confirmed the process for finalising the next three-year structure of the league - An audit will be independently verified and the clubs will be ranked from 1 to 10 based on the results.

Following this, the top six ranked teams will be invited to join the next three-year league structure covering seasons 2020/21 to 2022/23. The bottom four ranked teams will be invited to re-tender for a place in the competition should they wish to do so. At the same time applications for tender will open to all clubs that wish to apply. All tenders will be assessed by a selection panel and a shortlist will be created. 

With the pressure now firmly on to finish in the top 6, Mackenzie is as optimistic as ever about the potential of the young DMP Sharks side. 

"It's been a very long pre-season, but a great one. We always want the win and we're ready to get together, mould together and take on the rest of the league"

Watch Mackenzie's full interview with the RFU below.