Time to rethink the rugby tour?

Don't compromise on your rugby experience. 

The Rugby Experience

Don't underestimate the importance of the rugby experience on your next tour.


When planning your teams rugby tour it often becomes easy to get lost in the complex travel and accommodation logistics and even easier to forget about the all important rugby experiences that will be the true highlight of your tour.


We here at Sky High Sports are a strong believer that above all, it is the rugby experience that your team will look back on with fond memories and take forward with them for the rest of their rugby careers. 


Playing Tour fixtures at unforgettable grounds, revelling in a once in a lifetime pro-coaching sessions with International Players and the ability to say 'I was there' after watching a live game on tour. These are just a few of the things we strongly recommend to include in your next rugby venture.


We are experienced hands when it comes to the travel and logistics side of touring, but it is getting touring sides to the heart of the rugby culture and the ability to create memorable sporting experiences that we are most passionate about.  


If you have taken on the daunting task of organising next years tour we'd be delighted to give any advice or assistance towards creating the best rugby experiences possible wherever it is you are intending on touring to. 


Please feel free to follow the links below to get an insight into how we put together our once in a lifetime rugby experiences. There is also a list of key dates and other information for your convenience.