Top Ten Rugby Destinations 2020

This years definitive list of the best destinations for rugby tourists 

The Results Are In

Sky High Sports are delighted to introduce the top 10 destinations to go on a rugby tour in 2020.

Our tour packages in each destination have been designed to offer you the very best in experience both on and off the field, ensuring a memorable time is had by players, coaches & parents alike.

Read on to find out who has topped the charts this season. 

10. Dublin

The unofficial home of the Rugby Tour.

Dublin has been an annual pilgrimage with 15-man tourists since the dawn of touring time. As well as the iconic landmarks & music filled cobbled streets, Dublin offers the Rugby Tourist much. A visit to see Leinster Rugby at The RDS is a must & the whistling winds of the AVIVA needs to be seen to be believed. 

9. Amsterdam

The best hosts in Europe.

What is more, the Dutch can now back up their skill off the pitch with their skill on it.

Amsterdam is the heart of the game in the country. Within a short drive from your digs, you can be at one of many great clubs. The real highlight of the tour will be the generosity of the hosts and the quality of their facilities.

8. Venice

The beating heart of Italian Rugby

based on the bustling beach resort of Lido di Jesolo, a short trip to both Venice itself and Treviso, the home of Italian Rugby Giants Benetton. A superb location to combine some warm-weather relaxation with some x-factor coaching and tough matches. 

7. The Hague

Our Favourite Destination in Europe. 

We sent more tourists here than anywhere else in 2019 & the results were exceptional. We describe Den Haag as Amsterdam without the head-aches, but there is so much to this exceptional tour location.

6. Lyon

Our newest and most exciting destination for 2020.

Outstanding museums, a dynamic cultural life and thriving rugby scene. Take advantage of our links with LOU rugby and create unique rugby experiences for your team. 

5. Edinburgh

A must for the Rugby Tourist.

We've sent more Rugby Teams to Edinburgh than any other destination. No other city lends itself to tours of all ages like the Scottish Capital. If you've not been, here is your chance in 2020!

4. Ghent

The best City you never thought of visiting. 

Ghent has been at the top of our list of recommended destinations for some time now. Along with Den Haag up in Holland, the two cities have been wowing our clients since 2009. Absolutely magnificent. 

3. Cardiff

A sporting City like no other.

There are few cities in the world which lives and breathes our game like the city of Cardiff. Few places in the world can name their national stadium as their cities centrepiece. This sporting mecca dominates everything about the city which offers culture in abundance.

2. Barcelona

The perfect warm weather tour. 

Rugby in Spain is growing at a remarkable pace & nowhere is this more evident than in Barcelona and Catalonia. What was once a pleasant location for a low-key end of season celebration, is now a legitimate destination to compete with quality opposition in a magnificent destination. 

1. Parma

The tour to end all tours. 

Italy's culinary capital, the home of one of the countries premier Rugby franchises, and subsequent home of our immense Italian Rugby Experiences, Parma is our favourite and most spectacular destination for 2020/21.