Let's get the best out of our phenomenal country

2021 is set to be the year of the domestic rugby tour. 

Getting back to looking forward

As the traditional start date of the British Rugby season hurtles towards us, it was welcome news to see the RFU push a notch along their return to play pathway in the recent days. At the traditional ‘end’ date of last season, it seemed to many a distant fantasy that we’d be considering a return to play in August.


We’ve been hugely encouraged by the enthusiasm to restart touring plans for 2021 in recent weeks. The temporary quarantine rules enforced on some destinations hasn’t helped confidence, but as we continue to go in the right direction here in the UK, we’re sure that come the end of next season, club car parks will be full of Buses & Fancy Dress clad tourists awaiting the grand depart.


Sky High Sports started in 2009 at the height of the global recession. At that time, it was pivotal to merely getting to the end of the year that our domestic options were up to scratch. Staying local was key to keeping the budget suitable for the entire team.


As we’ve grown over the last decade, destinations have become more far flung and subsequently more pricey, but our core range has remained the cornerstone of all things SHS.


In 11 years, we’ve developed a range of tours specific for Mini, Youth & Senior Teams to a number of locations in the UK which offers so much more than just combining a hotel booking, with a bus and a local fixture or two.


If it’s tackling the best of South Wales on the main field at Cardiff Arms Park, living like a Pro at Bath Rugby’s phenomenal Farleigh House, having a one-on-one session with the incumbent 2021 Lions Openside Hamish Watson in Edinburgh or sitting down for a breakfast Q&A with a legendary International there are some incredible rugby experiences to be had. Who knows, we may even be able to throw in some pro-match tickets again soon!


For a range of our Tours within England and Wales in 2021, we will offer a Virus-Guarantee which means that you’ll have increased flexibility, financial security and peace of mind when booking.


The guarantee will stretch to providing an instant destination change, at no cost, in the event of local lockdowns, at home or at destination. It will provide the freedom to amend dates up to 14 days prior to departure should stats or situation makes it a concern to travel. It will also provide instant and full refunds if we return to lockdown.


Tours to Newcastle, the Lake District, York, Manchester, Bath, Cardiff & London, amongst others, all qualify for this guarantee. If you’re heading to one & an obstacle comes up, at no cost, we can pick up the entire tour and move you elsewhere, all with the minimum of fuss. There maybe some oddly embroidered tour shirts & we’ll certainly not do anything without getting the ok from you first!


During the initial upheaval, of CV19, we did our absolute best to work to solutions for each of our clients. Nothing could have prepared for what started in March. The flexibility which grew throughout the travel industry is one which saw us through the biggest obstacle to date & allow us to recover as we look to the future.


Looking across our small part of the industry, it was deeply frustrating to see the way some operators handled their client interests. It isn’t the time to be selfish, be greedy, nor pull up the drawbridge. It is a time to work together in a flexible way that encourages confidence in a new age. To those who were stung, we’d love to put the fun back into touring for you next season.


I hope that the way we approached it with our clients will keep us firmly in their minds in the future. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude to many for their understanding & will do what we can to reward this into 2021.


We’re not perfect however. We’ve had to make some changes to our operation of course. But this is made so much easier by the proactivity of our amazing suppliers. Coach Firms, Ferry Companies, Hotels, Activity Providers Restaurants & Rugby Clubs have all made some mesmeric additions to their service to appease fears and encourage people to get going once again.


So, let’s continue to look ahead. It is a long old time until Easter 2021. Let’s get back to looking forward & let’s get back to getting the best out of our phenomenal country.