The 2021 Youth Rugby Brochure

Download your copy of the 2021 youth rugby touring bible

A message from Director, Richie Gledson

Now that the world seems to be returning slowly towards a brighter future, we are certainly casting more than a keen eye to when we can all hop on Tour Buses and get our touring careers back on track sooner rather than later. 


We were not alone in facing the challenges that recent months presented, it has however given us a bonus opportunity to adapt and further improve our business from top to bottom. We have to evolve into the future & we have taken this one-off chance to come back better than ever.


We’re normally taking time out in June following the touring season, but rather than sit & wait for this all to blow over, we’re launching our brochures three months ahead of schedule & have everything in place to start work on your 2021 tour.


The experiences our team have gone through in securing our clients interests & moneys in recent months has been tough, but we’re all infinitely better, stronger & more knowledgeable than ever. We can’t wait to get to work and show those who trusted us in 2020 what we can do into the new season.


Within this brochure, you’ll find some exciting new destinations alongside some old favourites. It is within the nuts and bolts of our offering where you’ll see the changes into 2021. This summer, we’re expanding our operation & in addition to our HQ in Northumberland, we’ll have a satellite office in Sussex.


Since the day I founded the company back in 2009, we’ve always made every effort to meet clients before or during their tours. It is always our aim to retain many of the values of our sport within our service & building relationships which can be part of the annual cycle of your club is key to this. As our operation expands across the UK, this will enable us to get out from in front of our telephones and email addresses & hopefully show you exactly who we are and what we can offer.


I’ve always found the rugby community to be resilient, optimistic and progressive. I am sure that if there is a sport which will survive this crisis, it is our game & we’re committed to playing our small part in it.