Friday 13th March 2020

Sky High Sports

As this unprecedented situation unfolds, Sky High Sports remains committed to working to a solution for each one of our clients travelling in the Spring and Summer of 2020.


Our stance with this scenario is to proactively provide Plan-B arrangements for each of our clients to ensure their tour, safety & the monies they have raised are protected.


We’re incredibly fortunate to have a world-class collection of suppliers, many of whom we have long standing and very close relationships with. We are working as positively as possible to provide solutions for each client.


We remain committed to following government advice, but will go beyond this to ensure that we’re not sitting and waiting for that advice to change.


If you have a tour booked with Sky High Sports in 2020, you will have already received several updates on our position, our plan of action & the specific instruction for your tour.


This is unprecedented, but it is also nobody’s fault. Our primary objective is to protect our clients, maintain the excellent relationships with our suppliers & ensure we’re able to provide excellent touring options for our clients into the future.


We send our best wishes to friends, colleagues & clients. We will get through this.


Best Regards