Mini Rugby Tours In 2021

See what Sky High Sports are doing differently to cater for Mini Rugby Teams going into next season. 

"The best possible start to their touring careers"

The Rugby Tour is a cornerstone tradition of the sport we all love. It is therefore vital that the Stars of Tomorrow get their touring career off to a great start.


Mini Rugby Tours is part of the Sky High Sports family. We are The Rugby Tour Specialists, and one of our main aims is to provide a new age in Rugby Tours for the Next Generation.


Since 2009 we’ve been providing the youngest players within our rugby clubs with high quality weekends. Within this time we have developed a range of exciting tours guaranteed to provide that memorable experience in abundance. Nobody likes to be pushed into a one-size-fits-all option; So we offer three contrasting concepts for U7-U12 Teams at a number of venues across the UK, allowing you to take things at your pace and, of course, a destination not too far down the road.


You can choose between action-packed, activity-filled weekends, relaxed holiday-park retreats & something a little more grown-up in one of Britain’s most beautiful cities. What’s more, each tour comes with a rugby experience which you are in control of.


Each of our bespoke tours is built with safety & financial security at its core. The options available suit groups large or small & the destinations on offer should mean you can get that tour fix without spending hours on the bus.


In our 2021 Mini Rugby Tour brochure we’re proud to showcase our range of tours which we’ve built over the past 12 years.


We've developed something here which does a lot more than ticks boxes. For 2021, we’ve refreshed our range, adding in some excellent activity weekends with our partners in Dorset & Shropshire. We’ve also partnered with the UK’s premier Holiday Park provider to offer a range of Tours which can be taken at a much more relaxed pace.


Despite adding some new options, there are some core components of our tours which will always be central to everything we do.

Financial Security and Health & Safety are not the colourful aspects to stick on the front cover, but I want to re-assure you from the outset that this plays a pivotal role in each tour we run.


For more information, please don't hesitate to message me about our SportSafe policy, which goes above and beyond industry standards.


We know the wonderful effects touring can have both individually and collectively, it is therefore our responsibility to ensure that the Mini Rugby Stars of tomorrow get their touring careers off to the best possible start.