The Third Half

In our latest blog post Richie discusses the importance of post-match rituals and why it is so important to everything that we do. 

The Third Half

We all know there is a lot more to a game of Rugby than what happens between the referees whistles. In many senses, the after-match experience is the reason we play and the prime excuse for touring in the first place.


The term ‘Third-Half’ is one we picked up in Italy & have employed it in our own terminology ever since. The ‘Terzo Tempo,’ or third-time, is stuff of legend in Italy. Italian Rugby legend Diego Dominguez describes it as: “The third-half is one of the most characteristic traditions of the world of rugby. The third half takes place after the game and brings together all the players of the two teams, who take the opportunity to offer themselves drinks and food and exchange opinions and considerations as happens between friends.”


We couldn’t put it better ourselves. The Italians do it well – it would be a touch easier if we all had world-class wine and food to centre it on. That said, there is nothing wrong with Mince & Potatoes alongside a pint of Guinness either.


When we arrange our tour fixtures, we do more than just find a local team to play or confirm the first game which comes up. What happens within those 80 minutes is important, of course, but the memories we hear time and time again from our clients and friends are the ones of the after-match party, the welcome, the camaraderie & the celebration of our game.


One of the massive buzzes we get from what we do is seeing worlds-collide on tour. People of different cultures & languages coming together to share one common interest is central to the success of any tour.


RG | Director