Dav & Concussion: Two Years On

Reflections on two years away from rugby

Dealing with concussion

Last weekend our Marketing Man, Dav, trained with Tynedale RFC for the first time in two years after a prolonged time away from the sport. 

The image above pictures a rather absent-minded looking Dav following what was his most recent knock to the head. The photo was taken in 2018, the year the scrum-half sustained 3 concussions. Adding to 5 previous head traumas sustained throughout his rugby career. 


Following further assessments and resulting medical advice, Dav was forced to take an indefinite break from the sport that's played a major part in his life to date. 


In his own words - 


"The last 48-months have been interesting. Dealing with the on-going symptoms of attention deficit, short-term memory loss and acute motion sickness has, at times, been concerning. Although, overtime symptoms have subsided somewhat. Working in a sporting environment surrounded by rugby people who have first-hand experience of dealing with concussion has certainly helped and I am grateful for everyone in the SHS office for their understanding and support."


Dav also spoke highly of the support he received from local rugby club, Tynedale RFC and he hopes that other clubs will begin to take the issue more seriously and ensure adequate support is available following such an event. 

Whilst he is still apprehensive to return to full-contact sport in the near future he remains hopeful that there will be an opportunity to play properly once more. 


If anyone at your rugby club is suffering from on-going symptoms or has concerns relating to concussion, Dav would welcome the conversation, to share his experience and do his best to give advice. 


Please don't think twice to get in touch at david@skyhighsports.co.uk