A new brand direction for SHS

Rebranding SHS

As we manoeuvre through the most trickiest of times we all have endured in decades, we’re maintaining the determination to come out at the other end bigger, stronger better.



There are many cliché’s relating to thriving through periods of hardship, but many of them ring through our operation on a daily basis.

In October, we have implemented a total rebrand of Sky High Sports. Way back in the early days, our company name was chosen to allow adaptability as the operation grows. Our expertise in Rugby Touring led the direction of travel for a decade & now the time is right to reshape how we embrace the future.


Sky High Sports will become SHS & become the umbrella brand for our operation which will embrace The Rugby Tour Specialists, The Cricket Tour Specialists & SHS Engage, an arm which will provide business with opportunities to develop, energise and release the potential of their operation through the platform of the ultimate team sport.  


Our Rugby operation will remain the cornerstone of SHS. It has been a longstanding ambition to provide Cricket Travel for club and school teams around the UK, Europe & the cricketing corners of the globe. We’re launching the tours later this autumn & will do so with exciting plans for unique events for Youth, Club & University Cricket teams which will take place in our native north east. In an age where travel has never been so confined, all options champion the wonderful new culture of flexibility within our incredible industry.


A re-jig of our brand also means a change of logo. The third in our history, the new logo encapsulates our operation and ambitions in so many ways. The shape is a nod to the traditional crests of the great sports teams we’re fortunate to work with. The flare at the top represents the bright & exciting opportunities we love to provide and the point they surround is without doubt the direction of travel we’re looking to take both our operation and our wider industry. We’ve always embraced change & looked to challenge previously accepted ideas, so its on and up for us here at SHS. The foot of the crest represents the impact we wish to make on every tour and experience we plan. In keeping with our logos of the past, our brand name will feature centrally to the logo.


The move towards SHS overseeing the wider range of our operation ensures that despite the reason for travel, there will b no doubt that the core values and behaviours which have been pivotal to the growth of Sky High Sports will be front of centre of everything we continue to do.