A New Partnership

Sky High Sports X Macron 

Tour stash done right

Macron are one of the most exciting and fastest-growing brands in Rugby.

Since providing the Scotland team with clothing since 2013, Macron is becoming one of the most popular brands across the game in Europe. Founded in Italy in 1971, the brand originally came to prominence as a European distributor of American Baseball brands. Since then, Macron has grown throughout Football, Athletics and Rugby.

Ahead of the 2020-2021 season, Sky High Sports has partnered with Macron to provide our touring teams with a world-class option for their on-tour kit and playing equipment.

Our clients will have access to a UK-based distributor who will handle all orders and deliveries. 

If you’re interested in adding on and off field kit to your tour package, contact your tour manager and we will do the rest.