When the rugby world opens up...

We're Ready.

Despite entering 2021 in a National lockdown, the beginning of the new year at Sky High Sports has been hugely encouraging.

We're delighted by the enthusiasm from teams across the UK to restart touring plans for Autumn 2021 and looking further ahead to Spring 2022. It seems squads up and down the Country are longing for something to look forward to, to bring them together once again and keep that team dream alive. 

The rollout of the vaccination programme across the UK is certainly providing a light at the end of this wretched tunnel and we're ready for when the rugby world opens up again. 

The atmosphere within this team is one of a pre-Cup Final changing-room, waiting for the referee to knock on the door. We've done all the preparation, all the hard work, we can’t wait to get going, we’re ready to start looking forward again.