Top 9 Senior Rugby Destinations

The Rugby Tour Specialists top 9 destinations for senior teams hoping to tour this Spring

9. Liverpool

Our newest senior tour destination. A city that is immensely proud of its nightlife, Liverpool is fast becoming a favourite amongst senior rugby teams.

8. Antwerp

Antwerp is a destination that is often overlooked in favour of other more famed destinations in Europe, but with its stunning cultural attractions and plenty of restaurants, not to mention some great local beer on offer; it's a great adult tour in mainland Europe.

7. Dusseldorf

If you think Dusseldorf starts and ends with Oz, Barry, Dennis and the lads, then you are entirely wrong. After visiting the city, you will see why the Auf Wiedersehen boys went back for more, it is addictive, it's pretty it's lively, it's Germany's party town.

6. Glasgow

Glasgow has an abundance of magnificent host clubs that provide generous hospitality. Enjoy the notorious nightlife and famous live music scene in one of the best value destinations around.

5. Prague

Prague is a long standing favourite with groups from the UK. Cheap Beer and choice Women have been the attraction for a long time, but there is so much else on offer in this stunning city.

4. Cardiff

The compact nature of the city centre makes it ideal for you to explore Cardiff at ease, also, adult groups will appreciate the proximity of the cities vibrant nightlife.

3. Newcastle

The Geordie Shore. If there is a better night-out in GB, we're yet to experience it. More bars than you can get thrown out of in a lifetime, never mind a weekend. The Toon is the creme of adult tour locations. Oh, there are some canny clubs kicking-about for a game as well...

2. Amsterdam

For a long time, Amsterdam has been at the top of many people's travelling ambitions. One of the original party city venues for many British tourists, the city is always a hit with Adult groups.

1. Barcelona

A real step up in class than near by Benidorm. Barcelona offers it all, rugby, nightlife and great beer and food, not to mention the world class coastline.