Pre-Departure : Top Ten Touring Tips

The Rugby Tour Specialists best advice for making sure your tour runs smoothly & helps everyone get the most out of their experience of tour! 

Top Ten Touring Tips

 1. The WhatsApp Group

How did we ever organise anything without them? Away from GIFS and Meme's, the best thing about WhatsApp is the Media Links & Docs section. Stick the Itinerary, the Room List & any other tour literature here so nobody has any excuses! 


2. The Passport Hack

Get a sticker with the persons initials on the front cover of every passport. This saves huge time aimlessly flicking through at airports or at Hotels. 


3. The Check-In

A necessary evil on tour is the accommodation Check-In. We do our best to smooth this out with rooming lists, but a great tip is to make sure everyone knows who they're rooming with as the bus pulls up to the front door. Standing together in room-groups saves a huge amount of time and hassle.


4. The Number Off

Give everyone a number & when you're off on a bus trip or walk about, numbering off will ID those late or missing. 


5. Tour Jobs

Assigning roles like Time Keeper & Team Photographer are great additions. Being late wrecks tours & why take 30 identical photos when you can have one? We have a full job-description list which we're happy to share. 


6. The Driver

Often the make and break of a tour is the bus driver. We are very picky on which Coach Providers we work with & the conduct of the driver is a huge requirement. A good driver is invaluable, so please look after them! Buy them a coffee, gift a tour shirt, keep the bus tidy. If you want that extra hour at the post-match social....


7. The Itinerary

Your SHS Tour Itinerary will be the bible for the weekend. We'll pack it with information, times, reference numbers, contacts and tips. Keep a copy handy, share it with the other leaders & remember that we're available 24/7 if needed.


8. Your Hosts

Ahead of the tour, we'll introduce you to the host clubs you'll visit on tour. We strongly urge you to continue the tradition of swapping gifts post match. If you're from an area famed for a type of food or drink, that is always a good start. You can also rarely go wrong with the traditional gifts of a club tie or plaque. Its a great tradition & one we're keen to encourage. 


9. A Joke, A Story or a Song

One of the greatest parts of touring is the building of team camaraderie. It isn't for everyone, but an on-board singsong or joke telling is a great place to start. Sharing a song list, asking every tourist to prepare a joke or tell their best story can get things going. 


10. Your Destination

It is staggering how many tourists arrive to their destination and don't see outside the Hotel, the Bus, the Clubs at which they play or take their eyes off their phone long enough to see where they are. Many of our tour location are some of the most incredible places.

There is always time on tour for a wander or explore of where you're staying. Turn the phones off & get our for a look.