Guide To An Epic Rugby Tour

A few important things to think about if you're planning your teams next tour.  

The Rugby Tour

A fantastic tradition of our great game, the rugby tour forms an integral part of a rugby players development and, let's be honest, is there really anything better than travelling with your mates to a foreign country to test your abilities and forge life-long friendships? 

Let The Rugby Tour Specialists take you through our free guide to help you on your journey to organise a memorable tour for your club.


Choosing Your Destination



First up, how would you like to travel? The three contrasting options available to most teams are by coach, ferry & flights. All offer something completely different but are integral to how the tour comes together. Once you have decided how you wish to travel, you can really start to narrow down your options.  



It's no secret that some destinations are more expensive than others. Whatever your budget is, it is crucial that you are getting value for money. The destinations we work in cover a wide range of budgets but all offer outstanding experiences on and off the pitch. 



What dates do you have in mind?

The general rule is, the more flexible you are the greater your options will be. It is always worth considering what might be going on in your proposed destination over those dates. Is there a pro-fixture on that weekend for example? 

For inspiration see our destinations

Decide Where To Stay

We believe in 3 ways to lay your head at the end of a long-days touring. For us, it's all about location when it comes to choosing your venues. Make sure to select an accommodation option that will ensure you are best-placed to get the most our of your tour-base. 



Who says that budget means boring? Not us, Hostels these days are excellent & busting with cool little touches that will make your stay fun, safe and on-budget. The hostels we recommend are all about location - you'll fall-out into your locations highlights. Don't for one minute think you'll be bunking down with a load of strangers - you'll be sharing en-suite rooms of 4, 6 and occasionally 8 with your team-mates. Breakfast, Wifi, social rooms and even some entertainment will be on offer.


Central locations, WiFi, en-suites and even gyms and pools at some. Sleep soundly after a hard day’s exploring in same sex twin-share rooms that put comfort centre stage, or upgrade to your own room for a few extra $$ if privacy is more your thing.



Synonymous with the Rugby Tour since the dawn of (touring) time, an overnighter with your hosts is an incredible way to live the local life & make some great mates along the way.


Rugby Experience

We here at Sky High Sports are a strong believer that above all, it is the rugby experience that your team will look back on with fond memories and take forward with them for the rest of their rugby careers. It often becomes easy to get lost in the complex travel and accommodation logistics and even easier to forget about the all important rugby experiences that will be the true highlight of your tour.


You could be travelling 1000's of miles and investing a huge amount of time and money into your trip. Who wants to turn up and get hammered? Whilst there is no exact science in getting it bang-on, we have combined our Rugby Anorak of knowledge, with a 25-point check-list, which we've developed over the past 10 years, to take as many variables out of the fixture-equation as possible. From asking about items such as the number of representative players in your squad, to your win-loss record in your home area & tallying it with the increasing number of comparative clubs we've worked with, we're generally not too far off the mark. (Drop us a message at, we'd be happy to share it with you!) From getting you off the plane with an easy one, to lining up an end-of-tour Test-Match it is important to get the fixtures right. Over the years we have worked with some outstanding host clubs who appreciate and understand the importance of looking after rugby tourists, and this will often turn a good tour into a great one.



The opportunity to learn from the best in the business is something we will always recommend on a rugby tour. Pro-Coaching experiences from International players in professional environments offer something unique opportunity to hone your teams skills ahead of the tough tests to come, whilst Private Q&A sessions allow the team to get a glimpse into the life of the professional rugby player. We have been lucky enough to work with some great guys over the years. Whether it be Scotland Back-Row Hamish Watson in Edinburgh, Italian Legend Marco Bortolami in Venice, or Former-International winger Tim Visser in the Netherlands, we would be delighted to assist in this area. 




You've played some great games, trained on world-class facilities & met some legends, it is now time to see the big game in action & visit the iconic match venues. Stadium Tours of the Principality, Murrayfield, Twickenham & the AVIVA are brilliant inclusions to any tour. But if you can get your hands on tickets to either a Premiership, Pro-14 or International Match your tour will become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. (Top Pro-Fixtures 2021 Coming Soon!)