Introducing: Staffordshire

Overlooking the Wreckin & Clee Hills, our Staffordshire venue is a stones throw from the M6, making it a great base to access on busy Friday evenings

Purpose built for school, residential and sporting youngsters, the centre boasts a superb layout with facilities both practical and enjoyable all close by. 

Rooms, all en-suite, range from multi-bed bunkrooms to single & twin rooms, giving you control of how the room allocations are set-up. Security here is paramount, with boundary fencing and security cameras keeping the children enclosed and secure.

Even though the Staffordshire venue is more compact than our other centres, it still has a fantastic range of adventure activities to keep kids smiling. Come rain or shine there is always a raft of activities from team building pursuits like team challenge and indoor initiatives, to high-adrenaline adventures such as zipwire and quad biking.

Three Days on the Isle of Wight

Day One

Transfer by Coach from your Rugby Club to the centre near Wolverhampton

Arrive, Check-In & enjoy a familiarisation tour of the centre with your on-site Rep

Cooked Dinner in the Dining Hall

An evening of entertainments, activities and games

The Summer House Pub is a 1 mile walk from centre

Day Two

Cooked Breakfast

The party will be split into groups of 8-12 people before you embark on a morning of outward bound adventure

Each group will tackle a series of demanding & fun activities

Lunch in the Dining Hall

Transfer by Coach to a club in the west midlands for your first tour match

Post Match Reception & Hospitality

Return to the Centre for Dinner, Activities & Games

A Conference Room will be provided for the all important Tour Court

Day Three

Cooked Breakfast

Pack your bags, check-out & transfer to a local Rugby Club

Tour Match Two

Post Match Reception & Hospitality

Return Home at the End of the Tour


Extra Nights Accommodation & Activities available upon request

Your Rugby Experience

On your Mini Rugby Tour, you have the choice of one-on-one Fixtures, Round-Robin matches & entry into existing club-run Mini Rugby Festivals.

As every team has vastly different requirements with regards to the Rugby Played, we have options for all &have a great track record of providing solutions to suit each requirement. 


Worcester Warriors have their Sixways Stadium located 50-miles south of the centre in Wolverhampton.

Maybe a touch far away for a day trip down to Sixways, but if you're travelling home in that direction on Sunday & it ties in with an AVIVA Premiership match, we highly recommend catching a Warriors match.

As well as having one of the smartest venues in the Premiership, the Warriors have always punched above their weight with their pre-match experiences and available packages. Tours, Player Q&A's, Coaching and pitch side inclusions are all on offer.

The following clubs in the area run excellent Mini Rugby Festivals which work well with our West Midlands Tour base:



Stafford RFC - 9th April 2017

Stoke-on-Trent RFC - 9th April 2017

Telford Hornets RFC - 23rd April 2017

Your Adventure Activities

The outward-bound activities available on our Mini-Adventure tours are great fun. They're suitable for adults and kids alike & are a great addition to any tour.

We've broken down the numerous options into alphabetical order for you to browse and get an understanding of what is on offer.

Please note that the activities available vary from centre to centre.


Got a head for heights? This exhilarating activity allows you to scale down the side of our purpose built towers leaving you with a great sense of achievement.


A cross between trampolining and volleyball! Use the bounce from the trampoline to stop your opponents scoring goals whilst trying to score some yourself. Very energetic!

Ball Sports

Most centres have loads of different ball sports available - everything from basketball and volleyball to football and lacrosse.


Test your skills and learn some tricks on our track and try a couple of jumps as well.

Camp Craft

Build a bivvy and learn to make a campfire along with other basic survival skills.


Depending on where you might be, learn to canoe and kayak on a lake or on the sea. Challenging and fun, you can enjoy a combination of games and instruction. This is one of our favourites!

Cat Walk

A test of nerve and agility as you take on a cunningly devised combination of increasingly difficult balances, climbs and wires across a high level course.

Challenge Course

A challenge of obstacles to climb over, crawl under and balance on! Oh and don't forget the mud!

Circus Skills

Diabolo, juggling and more - it's harder than it looks you know!


We have challenging indoor and outdoor climbing walls with the reassurance of a safety rope at all times!

Cycle Trail

Some of our centres are located close to well known cycle trails.

Dragon Boating

Your instructor will helm this 12 seater dragon boat. You'll all need to pull together to make sure your boat wins the race!


Qualified instructors teach you the basic principles of this Olympic sport before allowing you to compete by attempting to outwit your opponent. Often overlooked in favour of others, this is certainly work a try.

Giant Swing

Your friends winch you up on a giant two seater swing suspended between a huge timber structure and you see how high you dare go before you choose to release the catch and experience a huge rush as you swing through the air.

High Ropes Course

A challenge course in the sky! A popular and exhilarating activity - you will negotiate the obstacles high up in the air - you're secured to a safety rope but do you dare?

Initiative Exercises

Working in small teams, you will need to solve puzzles, make decisions and communicate with each other in order to complete the task.


Have a splashing time learning to kayak on either a lake, river or the sea, depending on where you stay.

Low Ropes Course

A series of challenges just off the ground. Can you make your way around the course blindfolded with only your teammates' instructions to guide you?


Take control of a quad bike, go-kart or motorbike and blast your way around our purpose built tracks. Vehicles vary at each centre.

Mountain Biking

Ride on some of best, and most unused, tracks in the country. Try out your new abilities on rugged ground, big climbs and sweeping descents.


A great way to explore our centres! Working in small groups, develop your map reading skills to locate control points. First back wins!


Experience the exhilaration of free falling but with a gentle landing! Scale a 17 metre high wooden pole to make it to the top then jump from the platform. You will be attached to a wire which will land you safely back on the ground but you might leave your stomach at the top!

Raft Building

Build your own raft from different components that will float and steer, then test it out on the river or lake. You and your team mates will need to communicate well to make sure you don't end up in the water!

This would be on our wish-list every time. A fantastic team builder!

Rifle Shooting

Lightweight air-rifles are secured to clamps in our rifle ranges and are used to develop your concentration, steady breathing and accuracy.

Sensory Trail

Follow the rope and wait to see what surprises await you! Oh and you'll be blindfolded of course (no peeking!).

Sequoia Scramble

A vertical challenge incorporating climbing, a scramble net and rope ladders suspended between two trees. Can you make it to the top and ring the bell?


Supervised by qualified life-guards, our swimming pools host games and small team activities.


An individual challenge that requires determination and courage to climb a 6 metre pole. Then all you need to do is the final dive for the Trapeze!

Tunnel Trail

Navigate and explore a series of underground tunnels whilst solving problems and carrying out tasks.

Vertical Challenge

Think 'Challenge Course' but going straight up climbing logs, wires and rope - can you make it to the top?

Zip Wire

Travelling at high speed, maybe even through a forest or over a lake, suspended and harnessed from an overhead cable isn't something forgotten easily! A truly exhilarating activity you'll want to try again and again.


This involves rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball! Zorbing is only available at the Dorset centre.

Food Provision

With such an active itinerary, it is vital that the appetites, for young and old, are amply supplied. In these all-inclusive packages, we're pleased to provide three cooked meals per day. Click below for more information. 


Each morning, a hot & cold buffet breakfast will be supplied in the dining room. Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Beans, Bread, Cereal, Fruit, Bread, Coffee & Fruit Juice will be on offer. A great kick-start!

Lunch can come in various methods on tour. Most regularly, your itinerary will mean that you'll be fed in the Dining Hall on Saturday afternoon. This will be a hearty selection of sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes, meat dishes and vegetables. If you're off site, a packed lunch will be provided by the centre.

If you're playing this afternoon, we'll ensure some good old-fashioned Rugby Club tucker will be laid-on for you post-match. With Dinner to come later, this could mean 4-meals provided today! 

Dinner will be back at base. Again, a buffet basis, the food will be a little more considerable than lunch. Lasagne, Chile Con Carne, Burgers, Curry and a choice of Salad, Vegetables, Pasta and Rice. Dessert will also be provided. 

If you arrive late on Day One, we'll ensure an ample cold-fork buffet will be provided for you. 

During the Tour, if you wish to de-camp for a Team Curry or Pizza nearby, we're able to accommodate this also.