Picture perfect, bustling and charming is Bratislava. One of the less-explored eastern European cities is a superb venue for a social tour. Great Nightlife and better activity options make this a cracker.

Top 5: Bratislava

1. Wine tasting in the Carpathian Mountains 

2. Stunning architecture and buildings  

3. Cheap beer and food 

4. White-Water Rafting at Cunovo

5. Eye Opening Nightlife 

Lost Days in Bratislava

Day One

Fly to Bratislava

Arrive & Check-In before checking out the surroundings 

River Cruise along the Danube River

Guided Pub Crawl in Bratislava's Old Town

Day Two

Wake Up to a Buffet Breakfast

Morning at leisure contemplating life

Transfer to a Rugby Club in Bratislava ahead of your first game


Post Match Reception, Food & Hospitality

 Restart the tour with a few Real-Ales & then head back out into Town

Day Three

Buffet Breakfast

Recommended Walk along the river to clear the head

Check-Out of the Hostel

Transfer to your second Tour Hosts as you question why on earth you joined the tour


Post Match Food, Reception & Hospitality

Return Home. Broken, mentally and physically

Key Information


Fly to Bratislava from the majority of UK airports.