Hungary's gorgeous capital, full of history and culture as per the other Eastern European powerhouses but Budapest that extra bit of charm which separates it from the rest. 

Top 5: Budapest

1. Visit to Széchenyi Spa

2. River cruises along the Danube River

3. Cheap beer and food 

4. Stunning Old Town 

5. Eye Opening Nightlife 

Lost Days in Budapest

Day One

Fly to Budapest

Arrive & Check-In before checking out the surroundings 

River Cruise along the Danube River

Guided Pub Crawl in Budapest

Day Two

Wake Up to a Buffet Breakfast

Morning at leisure contemplating life

Transfer to a Rugby Club in Budapest ahead of your first game


Post Match Reception, Food & Hospitality

Afternoon at the Széchenyi Spa

Kick-Off tonight with a few Real-Ales & then head back out into Town

Day Three

Buffet Breakfast

Recommended Walk along the river to clear the head

Check-Out of the Hostel

Transfer to your second Tour Hosts as you question why on earth you joined the tour


Post Match Food, Reception & Hospitality

Return Home. Broken, mentally and physically

Key Information

The Rugby

Rugby isn't exactly great or that competitive in Budapest so travelling slightly further for a fixture will all be made worth it with the post match hospitality. What is lacking on the pitch is certainly made up for it off it! 


Flights into Budapest are accessible from the majority of UK airports.