Düsseldorf Rugby Tours

Home to the longest bar in the world... how many more excuses do you need? 


Rugby Tours To Düsseldorf

Often overshadowed by nearby Cologne in terms of tourism, this fierce rival of the famous Christmas Marketing city packs a serious punch. Perched on the western shore of the Rhine, the city features a picture-book Old Town, a grand city promenade to rival the Champs-Élysées or Regent Street and a line of Riverside Bars which makes Newcastle's Quayside look like a collection of W.I. Meeting halls.

If you think Dusseldorf starts and ends with Oz, Barry, Dennis and the lads, then you are entirely wrong. After visiting the city, you will see why the Auf Wiedersehen boys went back for more, it is addictive, it's pretty lively it's Germany's fun town. 

The seventh most populated city in Germany, Dusseldorf prides itself on being one of the world's most renowned business centres and is a global business hub as it is the home to a variety of 500 companies. So this is really, a buzzing bustling city with a huge student population. 

Top 5: Düsseldorf

            1. Altbier, The Altstadt & The Longest Bar in The World

            2. Phantasialand Theme Park

            3. Brewery Tours & Brown-Houses

            4. Day Trip to Cologne

            5. The Konningsalle Shops



Lost Days in Düsseldorf

Day One

Travel to Dusseldorf by your preferred method of travel

Arrive & Check-In before getting on the lash

Straight away, head to Brauerei im Füchschen to experience to of the local brews!

After leaving, make the most of the Old Town and the great German Boozers

Drop into an Irish bar or two whilst walking down Hunsrückenstraße


Day Two

Wake Up to a Continental Breakfast

Morning at leisure contemplating life

Transfer to a Rugby Club in Dusseldorf ahead of your first game


Post Match Reception, Food & Hospitality

Bolkerstraße is in the heart of Dusseldorf Alstadt commonly gets referred to as the worlds longest bar as within a short stroll you can reach over 100 bars and restaurants 

Day Three

Continental Breakfast

Recommended Walk along the Rhein to help get your head around last nights activity

Check-Out the Hostel

Transfer to your second Tour Hosts as you question why on earth you joined the tour


Post Match Food, Reception & Hospitality

Return Home broken, mentally and physically.

Key Information

The Rugby

Germany is a third-tier Rugby Union playing nation. Germany currently plays at the second level of European rugby but has never managed to qualify for the Rugby World Cup.  This however does not prevent them from being very accommodating and a great destination to tour.


Newcastle to Amsterdam

For those fortunate to live in the North of England, we'll collect you in an executive coach and transfer you to North Shields Ferry Terminal. From here, DFDS Seaways offer daily overnight crossings to Amsterdam. Often sighted as a real highlight of tours to Northern Europe, the DFDS crossing is superb fun. 

You'll spend the night in 2-berth and 4-berth Cabins, enjoy an all-you-can-eat dinner & breakfast, enjoy live Music on the Stage and in the Troubadour bar. It may be the highlight of the tour!

On arrival in Holland, you'll be in the destination in no time. 


Dover to Calais & Dunkirk

For those in the South, you'll travel by executive coach from your club to Dover Ferry Terminal before sailing to Calais or Dunkirk. A short 90-minute hop over the channel will have you in Belgium in no time at all. Great value for money - the difference in price between staying in the UK & hopping across to Europe is minimal.

Once you're back on land, it is go go go to your location. 



Flights to Dusseldorf are widely available from the majority of UK Airports.