Spain Rugby Tours

The Rugby Tour Specialists are proud to work alongside the Federación Española de Rugby on all our tours to the country. This gives us a real inside line in arranging quality Rugby Experiences at some wonderful Spanish Rugby venues. 

"Ese amor llega asi de esta manera."

Rugby in Spain is hitting the roof. For those in the know, while qualification for the 2016 Olympics was a surprise, it wasn't entirely unexpected. 

The Rugby Clubs, some lucky to boast thriving 'Schools of Rugby,' are increasing in experience, playing numbers and bordering on serious ability. We've sent enough good teams to Spain who change their perception during the tours. 

We've been working alongside the FER since pre-RWC 2015, when our home county of Northumberland was partnered with Spain as part of the Unity Project. Since then, we've arranged some excellent Rugby Tours across the country with the great assistance of the Federation.