Malaga Rugby Tours

A great option for rugby teams looking to escape to warmer climates. 

Rugby Tours To Malaga

Rugby in Andalucía is growing. It certainly lacks the depth available in and around Madrid, Castilla Y Leon and Catalonia, but with several strong clubs, the local representative team regularly goes toe to toe with the bigger boys in the North. Clubs in Malaga, Seville, Granada & Cordoba make up the top end of the game in Andalucía, with the sport also played to a good level in the local Universities.

Look out for the immense Rugby facility at Rincon de la Victoria, a stones throw from Malaga. This €1m venue was opened in 2015 following a generous donation from a local politician who was a huge supporter of local rugby.

The superb flight-connections to airports across the UK make Malaga an readily available option for rugby teams looking to migrate to warmer climates year round.