Don't let COVID-19 put you off booking your rugby tour.

If your tour is affected by CV-19

Option 1: We will offer you an alternate trip ✔️

Option 2: We can postpone your trip for up to 18 months ✔️

Option 3: We can offer you a travel voucher for up to 18 months ✔️

Option 4: If all else fails, we can offer you a full refund ✔️

Booked with SHS?

Bookings directly affected by COVID19:

All group leaders for bookings directly affected by COVID-19 restrictions have now been contacted.

Bookings that haven't yet been affected by COVID19:

If you are a tour leader and are concerned that your booking may be affected by COVID19 e.g group then please get in touch and we can go through the many options available to you. 

Yet To Book?

Book with complete confidence

We offer industry leading flexibility on your booking. We have low deposits, total flexibility to change almost everything on the trip up to 6 weeks before the event and a range of options should COVID restrictions end up affecting travel.

Option 1

We will offer you an alternative

How would this work?

Let's say you were due to go to Edinburgh in a weeks time and the travel advice changed, allowing only essential travel to the City. We could then offer you an alternate domestic package and match this as similarly as possible to the package you had booked (you would be under no obligation to accept the alternative).

Have Sky High Sports done this before?

This is something we did with great success in the early part of the March COVID lockdown when some destinations closed their borders, we managed to switch lots of groups to UK destinations so their tours could still go ahead. It's also something we have done constantly over the years whenever flights have been cancelled at the last minute and it's a process we're very familiar with.

Option 2

We could postpone your whole trip for up to 18 months.

How would this work?

We put everything on ice and rearrange your trip for dates that suit you better. We would double check if there were any pricing or availability discrepancies and then, subject to your approval, get the whole thing re-booked.

Have Sky High Sports done this before?

This has been a particularly popular option for rugby teams whose tours were affected by COVID-19 in 2020. 

Option 3

We can offer you a voucher.

How would this work?

We switch the value of monies already paid in to the form of a voucher. This can be redeemed against travel or accessories up to 18 months from the original departure date.

Have Sky High Sports done this before?

This is a popular choice amongst teams whose tours were affected by COVID and weren't sure when things were going to get back on track. This means that the funds already paid are ready to be used against travel to any of our rugby tour destinations and can be redeemed up to 18 months from the original departure date giving you plenty of time to get things back on track.

Option 4

You can have a full refund

It's not our favourite option but if you do definitely decide that none of the above are suitable then we will give you a full refund.

Have Sky High Sports done this before?

We had over 80 bookings directly affected by COVID. Whilst the vast majority either postponed or took credit vouchers we have, to date, issued over £100,000 in refunds. 

We currently have no refunds outstanding to clients - sadly, this is not the case for rugby tour operators and that is something worth considering when choosing which company to book your next tour with. 

How SHS have dealt with CV-19 So Far?

A timeline of events. 

Closed Office & Worked From Home

Like many offices up and down the country we closed our doors on 23rd March when the UK went into lockdown. 

From the very beginning we took the rugby mentality of all-in-one-in. As a result none of our staff have been furloughed throughout the pandemic as we chose to be in the best place to best serve our customers once we're able to travel again.

80 Rugby Tours Affected

We had over 80 groups directly affected, many awaiting immediate departure. As you can imagine that meant a lot of late nights e-mails and phone calls from worried clients

From the outset we proactively worked to provide Plan-B arrangements for each of our clients to ensure their tour, safety & the monies they have raised are protected. 

Refunding Our Clients

The realisation that over 6-months of planning and preparation from our team would not come to fruition for our clients was tough. 

However, where a suitable solution couldn't be found we organised over £190,000 worth of refunds for our clients as quickly as we possibly could. 

Satisfied Clients

From the outset of the pandemic our primary objective is to protect our clients, maintain the excellent relationships with our suppliers & ensure we’re able to provide excellent touring options for our clients into the future.

We're proud to see that we have fulfilled this objective. Going above and beyond to secure the interests of our clients and find a solution has only strengthened our relationship with the great rugby people we are lucky to work with. 

Please weigh this up against how some of our competitors have acted throughout the pandemic and take time to read the reviews of clients experiences with other operators.  It’s also worth noting that we never spike our feedback with fake positive reviews.


In the Summer we took the decision to overhaul the SHS brand. A brilliant opportunity to refresh our mission, objectives and invest in our vision for the future. 

Way back in the early days, our company name was chosen to allow adaptability as the operation grows. Our expertise in Rugby Touring led the direction of travel for a decade & now the time is right to reshape how we embrace the future.

A re-jig of our brand also means a change of logo. The third in our history, the new logo encapsulates our operation and ambitions in so many ways. Click here to find out how we approached this ambitious project. 

Back In The Office

At the earliest possible stage we worked diligently to create a covid-secure environment in the Sky High Sports office to allow our team to return to the office if they so wish. 

Whilst working remotely was manageable, we're aware that we're at our best in a team environment. This opportunity to be together will be key to facing the challenges that confront our industry at this time. 

We are continuing to monitor the on-going situation, making sure we adhere to the governments latest guidance. 

Invested In Training & Personal Development

Learning, development and experiences are all pivotal to the success of a small business & despite current challenges, we’ve been ensuring this has continued.

In August, we welcomed Swayed Greyhound who coordinated a training course which delved deep into our personal and collective abilities, obstacles, strengths & weaknesses. 

The process focused firmly on accountability and collective endeavour. Our core values are intrinsically linked to Rugby & the mentality that when one person misses a tackle, we work hard around to recover the situation is the same in the office as it is when we’re on the field out of it.

Continue to innovate our operation

We continue to innovate our range of products and experiences. It's been a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our relationships and the rugby experiences we are able to deliver to our clients across the rugby world.

In addition to this we've also put plans in place to launch a 'cricket tour' and corporate travel arm of our operation. 

2021 Filling Up Fast

We're been amazed by the optimism for the future that exists across the rugby community. Whilst at present restrictions remain in place, there is a reassuring belief that the future looks bright. 

As you can see above, we've put all the protections in place so you can feel confident to start a conversation about next years rugby tour. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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