Rugby Specific Travel Insurance

In this section, we aim to silence the minefield & breakdown the Union Jargon about what you need, what is available and how you get it. 

Rugby Specific Travel Insurance

If you are taking an Age-Grade Rugby Team on a Tour away from your home Union, as part of obtaining approval and permission to tour, you will need to provide proof that a suitable Insurance Policy is in place for your touring players. 

At Sky High Sports, we have an affiliation with Endsleigh Insurance. They are able to provide travel insurance policies for Rugby Teams travelling on tour. 

As part of their membership or registration with your team, your players will be registered for playing insurance via your home Union. Once you obtain suitable Permission to Tour from your Union, this same insurance will be stretched to incorporate your games on tour.

Click Here to read more about Obtaining Permission to Tour.

A simple travel insurance policy will meet the minimum requirement to tour.

Via our partners at Endsleigh, we are able to offer a 'top-up' package which will work alongside your existing playing policy and can increase the cover you will receive if your players are injured whilst playing Rugby. This will also provide a comprehensive travel insurance for your tourists.

With Endsleigh, you can upgrade to Category 1 or Category 2 Sports & Activity Insurance. Rugby, as well as bungee jumping & white water rafting is included in Cat 2. This is optional and goes above and beyond what you need to appease your Union.

Using the links to the below, you will be able to access our personalised portal on the Endsleigh website, download our Instructions on how to take out a policy with Endsleigh and access the Tour Resources section of the English RFU Website.