Senior Rugby Tours

What goes on Tour, stays on Tour.

Senior Rugby Tours

Ever since William Webb Ellis first picked up the ball in his arms and ran with it in 1823, clubs across the land have ventured to the four corners of the globe in the name of the Rugby Tour.

As much of a tradition of the game as Muddy Baths and the Lurid Song, the end of season rugby tour sends shivers of excitement down the necks of club members as soon as the next destination is announced.

We have put together a list of locations which are tried and tested by touring teams just like you. City Centre, Rugby Friendly Hotels, Custom Bar-Crawls, Free Beers & Great Hosts are provided as standard.

Take a browse through the options below, many of them you will recognise, but have a look at the ones you don't - they are there for a reason!

What makes an Adult Tour tick?

There are a few things that we do differently on our Senior Tours which have made them immensely popular in recent years. Read through the tabs below to see why your end of season tour should definitely be with Sky High Sports.

Location Location Location

It is a place to lay your head & store your bags. The accommodation we use will be all you need - well located, safe & the place for a good breakfast. 

We won't blow your budget on the digs - lets use up the fines pot on something more interesting.

Oh, there are twin and single rooms for the alicadoos in tow.

The Third Half


Your hosts will make the weekend. There is nothing worse than a stuffy rugby club where tours are those things that used to happen pre-professionalism. 

The only protein you'll see will be on the BBQ & you'll be there until the bar has run dry. 

A Good Start


Where the Hotel is so important for Kids Tours, your tour base will be at a local pub. The starting point for your evening assault. We'll line up some free beers and cheap food to get you going on night-one & make sure you're well looked after in return for your custom.

The Inside Line


You arrive in a new city - do you take the scattergun approach to the pub-crawl? No, you make the most of our custom maps with Bars & Restaurants. 

We can also provide Beer-Guides to chaperone you on your evenings out on tour & make sure that there are queue jumpers and guest-lists galore later on. 

2021 Senior Rugby Tour Brochure