Youth Rugby Tours

In the prime of their touring life, the U13-U18 age group teams have the world at their finger tips. We've a vast range of tours to suit a host of requirements and help with the transition through youth rugby.


The Youth Rugby Tour - A Right of Passage

The Junior Rugby Tour is a fantastic tradition of our game. It forms an integral part of a Rugby Players development & there really is nothing better than travelling with your mates to a foreign environment to test your abilities & forge friendships.

The enthusiasm of youth rugby is something we are very familiar with. Our love of Rugby began in our younger years, meeting our friends on a Sunday morning and learning the game - somehow forgetting about the mud and the cold.

Our team of Rugby Tour specialists excel at arranging tours where your fixtures and Rugby Experience is at the forefront of our minds. We've provided some memorable experiences for our clients in recent seasons & with every tour we do, these experiences get better and better.

Have a read through our regularly updated testimonials. We are also pleased to have a list of references from satisfied clients who would be happy to talk you through their Sky High Sports experience.

We have put together some excellent Junior Rugby Tour options for your next Youth Rugby Tour. Starting with exciting weekends in the UK to a big adventure through Europe, there is a lot to choose from. Take a look at our Top-10 Youth Rugby Tours below, get in touch with us and we'll talk you through which options will be best for your team.

What makes a Youth Tour tick?

If you've found us after reading through some other Sports Tour websites, you'd be welcome to think that this is where we tell you how wonderful we are & how we're re-inventing the wheel by operating some world-defining techniques.

The truth is, anyone can organise a Rugby Tour, but what makes our service different is our commitment to the things which may go un-noticed.


Location Location Location

Nobody wants to be stuck at an Airport Hotel or a Dive on the Motorway. It may be cheap, but what you'll save ahead of time, you'll spend on Taxi's & miss out on the best bits of the location.

We only book city-centre locations & venues where you can spill out into the heart of your destination. This may not make us the cheapest option, but we don't offer cheap low-quality tours. 

There is more to a great rugby tour than the games themselves.

Those cracking restaurants, the doorstep activities & the city landmarks are all little things which make up the great tour.

The Third Half

It's a given that your Tour Matches will be lined up appropriately. You're enlisting a specialist company to do this, so this is the minimum expectation.

When we're organising your games, we put as much care and attention into the 'Third Half,' a wonderful term used by teams on the continent, as we do the game. Posh term - Post Match Reception, Dinner & Hospitality...

Swapping gifts, sharing stories, making friends and celebrating our game is what it is about. We're fortunate to work with some wonderful clubs across the Rugby World who really do make us look good. 

Eating Isn't Cheating

We all know that teenagers can eat like horses. It's a fact. A key part of our tour planning goes into how and when we're going to get your appetites cured. 

From the best Ribs joint in Belgium to a a Tapas haven in Barcelona & from a Posh Geordie Nandos to a worldy of a Welsh Pizzeria, we've tried and tested them & they get our thumbs up. 

A good dinner keeps the boys out of mischief for a while too, so it may as well be a good time-filler as well as a belly one. 

The 'WOW' Factor

You're taking your team on tour. We want to see you getting a big thumbs up from them at the end of the tour. Let us throw in some jaw dropping moments that will stay with you and the boys for ever. 

Coaching with Internationals, behind the scenes experiences, games at the most incredible venues, tickets to the big games & some world-class excursions and activities are all 'As-Standard' on a Sky High Sports Rugby Tour. 

Check-Out the e-Brochure below for some snapshots into what we're talking about.

Behind the Scenes

Turn up in style in a cracking looking coach. Travel with piece of mind with a suitable travel insurance policy is issued as standard. Enjoy the assistance of a bi-lingual rep 24/7 in non-English speaking countries. Tour with a minute-by-minute itinerary containing every detail you'll need. Have extra beds available at the accommodation to ensure everyone is happy & comfortable.

All small elements, but all have a big influence on the trip. All will go un-noticed, but when they're not there, they will be.



Our #1 Tour Location since day one. Haste Ye Back!


Our Home City. Awesome Experiences at Newcastle Falcons a Highlight


A Sporting City like no other. A Tour match on the Arms Park a must.


Incredible City, wonderful weather and brilliant beaches. Home to the best Rugby in Spain. 


Our #1 Italian Destination in a country where we excel. A hot-bed of the Italian game.

Den Haag

Amsterdam without the headaches. Beautiful & often overlooked city.


The most incredible city you never thought about visiting. Keep your eyes on the Easter Rugby Festival.


Greatest City in the World. Mix things up with unique Pro-Experiences at Saracens or Harlequins.


We're the official Rugby Tour Partner of Bath Rugby. Insurmountable Rugby Experiences on offer here with Sky High Sports.


The old favourite. Home to Leinster Rugby, the best accommodation we use & our #1 Tour Restaurant.